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    Welcome to our Staff Page. We value our employees, and most have been with us for years.  We have listed our Sales Team, Service Team, and Tech Team, so you know exactly who you are dealing with.  We also post 5 star reviews for staff members that have received reviews throughout the years.  Click on your favorite Team Player, and read their review or send them an email or text.  I'm sure they would be happy to hear from you.   

    Thank you, and we hope you enjoy Sonnen Volkswagen just as much as we do. 

  • Jay Brownrigg
    General Manager

  • Shahin Kangarani
    Sales Manager
    415-860-4100 ext 4130

    Shahin currently leases our 2016 SQ5. 



    This is a review for Henrik and Shahin.  
    We did not end up buying a car from him but my wife and I both thought that Henrik was an exceptional representative.  He gave us a great test drive, the pros and cons of each model (E-golf vs TDI vs regular; the perks of the SEL etc...), and we had a great conversation about his goals in life, his international volunteer work, etc.  He patiently showed us many different models, colors, options, and was in general a great spokesperson for Sonnen VW.  

    The nice thing was that he and Shahin did not pressure us to buy that day, as I was unsure of a job situation.  It's very nice to have that pressure-free environment, and while we did end up getting a spur-of-the moment purchase due to a color my wife really liked (I found out the job confirmation the next few days), I will def. go back in the future if I wanted great service and recommend all of my friends in Marin.  No hard feelings guys!

  • Doreen Tan
    Internet Sales Manager
    Ext - 4148

  • Brad Foon
    Finance Manager

  • Steve Hamilton
    Service Director

  • Melissa Schaum

  • Lou Corbin
    Internet & Lease Sales Manager

  • Julio Cruz
    Sales and Leasing Consultant

    5 stars reviews for Julio! 

    Julia from SF: 
    We went in on a Monday. I had no intention of actually making a purchase that day and we let Julio know that. I was still in research phase. He still provided excellent service. 

    This is my first VW purchase. I was concerned about repairs. I have put 20k miles on this vehicle since May and not one problem. Service has been excellent.. 

    Julio was knowledgeable actually listened to my needs. I went in thinking that a new Jetta Sportwagon was what I wanted, but walked out with a CPO Passat. It was a better fit for my needs. The CPO extended the service warranty, which given the miles I planned to put on the vehicle, was a better fit than purchasing new. 

    I am so pleased with our purchase. Smooth comfortable ride, great sound, Bluetooth is clear, and most of all I love the fact I only fill up my tank every 750 miles or so. It's amazing!
    Thank you Julio & Sonnen team

  • Julija Zukova
    Sales and Leasing Consultant


    KIM FROM MARIN: Been wanting to trade in my fabulous 2010 Jetta for a while now, but was anxious to given my current credit, but also knew I had to have another VW & really wanted a Tiguan.  Saleswoman Julija Zukova was super helpful & spent the better part of 4 hours with me, figuring out my options, walking me through everything and basically advocating on my behalf.  I drove off with a beautiful pre-owned Tiguan with a manageable monthly payment & low mileage.  

    I couldn't be happier with the service I got & look forward to leasing my brand new Touareg in a few years & will count on Julija to get that done! :-)

    AHMAD WRITES: The best car buying experience! My sales person was Julija. She is a very knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend this dealership to all my friends because of her.

    TODD S. FROM SAN ANSELMOJust bought a new Passat, and couldnt be happier. Julija was a total pro, knew the car inside and out, and was helpful without pressuring us.

    This is the second car I've bought from Sonnen and I plann to return.

    LISA ON GOOGLE REVIEWS: Julija, Was so helpful and amazing while buying our new 2016 Golf GTI! She was professional, knowledgable, kind, honest and helped fulfill my new car requirements of cost, heated seats, needing to be a VW and manual transmission. The car has a lot of new tech in it so she ran me through every nuance of the car. Additionally, my husband is very skeptical of car salespeople and dealerships. She was so awesome that he wants to buy his next car from her. If you are looking for a new car here you won't be disappointed and don't forget to ask for juljia as your salesperson.

  • Mohd Sammur
    Sales & Leasing Consultant


    Craig writes: Just got a 2016 e-golf from Mohd "Mo" Summur at Sonnen VW.  Also traded in my 2014 Audi A4 as part of the process.  At first, I just went in to try out some cars.  My plan was to use cartelligent (who I have used in the past) to deal with the entire negotiating process as I generally find it a painful/annoying waste of time interacting with dealerships.  I liked Mo a lot just as a person as we drove around a few cars, which is surprising as I am am a bit of a misanthrope.  I went home, did some work w/ my PhD in google, found the truecar values of the cars I was looking for, and also discovered the maximum value of my Audi (Beepi.comShift.cometc.).  I was inundated with offers to buy my car and sell me another etc.  It was fairly easy to find the best possible deal, or pinpoint where that would be.

    Long story interminable, I asked Mo for his numbers.  He responded w/ numbers as good as, and better than, anything I had seen online.  He was simply zero BS, straightforward, best number, right away.  I am a wall street trader, and used to the game of "negotiating" which is often a euphemism for wasting the other side's time -  by only giving out information in dribs and drabs, usually for your own benefit.  His straightforwardness and honesty took me by surprise, knocked me on my heels, and made me decide to go in and buy the car immediately. His way of doing business also saved me a lot of time wasted shopping around. As I find time the most valuable asset, this endeared Mo to me further.

    Suffice it to say, I was very happy with the buying experience.  I was ready to be annoyed, and wasn't... at all.  I'm still kind of dumbfounded.  Icing on the cake is that Mo patiently walked me through all the info on this car (it really is, above and beyond a "car," another "gadget.") w/ the patience that my 14 year old shows towards his old man when explaining computer/iphone issues at home.  Mo is a great dude.  Find him.  Chill with him.  Buy a Volkswagen from him.

    Eric from San Rafael: I was originally only accompanying my niece as she looked for a new car, but Mohd let me test drive two different cars and I ended up falling in love with the CC R-line. My niece didn't get a car that day, but I sure did. 10/10 would recommend Mohd, he was very helpful and professional.

    Maggie from Novato: Mohd was a great help, I came in not sure of what car model I wanted (egolf vs Passat), but he let me test out the different models and gave me the pros and cons of them all, which made it a lot easier to choose. Got to lease my first car and I love it

    Billy Y. from Mill Valley:  We had a fabulous experience at Sonnen VW this March purchasing a 2016 Passat.  Our salesperson, Mohd Sammur, was extremely helpful, patient and informative.  He knew all about the car and if he didn't know something, he went to great lengths to find us the correct answer.  There was very little pressure and everyone on the staff bent over backwards to make it a positive experience.  Most important, we love our car new car and it performed wonderfully on a recent road trip.  Thank you, Mo and the staff at Sonnen VW.

  • Ozan Tosunoglu
    Sales and Leasing Consultant
    ext 4146

  • Cody Besenty
    Sales and Leasing Consultant
    Ext 4133

  • Eduardo Beltran
    Volkswagen Specialist
    Ext. 4114

  • Fernando Olivera
    Service Manager

    5 star reviews for Fernando: 

    Justine B. from San Rafael: 
    This is the only place I will bring my VW for service. I have been to other shops in Marin and by far the customer service and the work that is performed on my car at Sonnen is the best! Fernando is a fabulous service advisor and my family also brings their VW here for service, as well as colleagues from work; and they also rave about Fernando. Manny is a close second in the department. Both of them treat me extremely well and go above and beyond to ensure my car is serviced well and they never overcharge me or are unfair. The work is always explained to me and my invoice is always well laid out. I can't say enough good things about my experience and cannot imagine working with another service advisor - rave reviews for him and for the techs who work on my vehicle at Sonnen.

    Julia S. from Santa Rosa: 
    Damsel in Distress: It was a flat tire with locking lug nuts that brought me to Sonnen VW Service.  I had started my journey at 9am and it is only just about to end at 4pm.  A simple tire change becomes an  impossibility if the tires on your VW Passat are locking lug nuts and No Key in sight.  After failed attempts by 2 tow truck operators and one tire shop, I asked to be towed to Sonnen VW. They took care of informing me of my options for buying a new set of locking lugs, changing  out the existing lugs for new, and as a very generous courtesy offering to wash my car. I waited in their new modern air conditioned showroom and enjoyed the use of their wifi connection. Sonnen sure knows how to take care of its customers. The agent who assisted me with everything was Fernando Oliveir. He was excellent.

    Thank you Fernando and thank you Sonnen.  You're all the best.

  • Gabriel Rocha
    Service Advisor

  • Bernard Bondoc
    Service Advisor
    Ext - 4183

  • Matt Forsyth
    Service Advisor
    Ext - 4181

  • Beto Celis
    Service Assistant

  • Eduardo Flores

5-star Yelp Reviews for SONNEN Volkswagen:

Matt B. from San Rafael, CA:
My mom just bought a new Beetle from Sonnen and the experience was nothing but great. Victor was more than helpful and didn't try any of the stereotypical salesman crap to get us to buy a car. He let us take our time and make sure my mom was getting the car she wanted. Probably the best experience I've ever had at a car dealership, it was great!   

Dan M. From San Rafael, CA:
Julija was my salesperson. She was very helpful, and did an A+ job!   

Robb S. from Inner Richmond, SF CA: 12/2/2013
Yesterday I arranged with Lou at Sonnen VW to test drive a 2014 VW R-Line convertible today.  He took a lot of time with me and showed me various options.  I felt no pressure to buy, either by him or his sales manager, but I ended up ordering the car I want.  The people at Sonnen are very professional and I was  happy with the experience there today.

Jim L. from Oakland, CA:
Never had a single poor experience here! Both mom and I have had our vehicles serviced here and they know customer service! Back in 2004 the both of us were shopping for vehicles and she found her 2003 VW Passat here and bought it. The salesman took my information and what I was looking for, a week later called me to say they had gotten a vehicle I might be interested in. I had already found another but loved the follow up. My mom has continuously gone here for service and had a pleasant experience every time. She lives 2 hours north in Ukiah and makes this drive for all her service needs!! Always receiving a loaner car beyond what she takes in, getting squeezed in on busy days, and excellent customer service. Recently I purchased a 2005 VW GTI from a separate dealer, within 2 days there were a few issues that had begun to surface. I was getting ready to make a drive to CO and that's not a drive to be made with a car having trouble. I took it to the Hansel Prestige dealer in Santa Rosa and that was a HUGE mistake. They practically spat on me and made me feel like I was inconveniencing them! I left and drove the extra hour to Sonnen to get my car looked at. I'm so glad I did and it was worth every minute of the drive!! They were busy and still fit me in within 2 hours. Called me back promptly to tell me what the issue was and were very straight forward about the entire situation. The service rep gave me a very clear time frame of when the repairs would be completed. They were even completed 3 hours ahead of schedule! I don't live in northern CA anymore so I won't regularly be going here, but believe me: if I lived here I would hands down go here for everything with my new car! They know what they're doing and they do it well!!