Zoom Through Summer with Joy and Zest of Volkswagen’s e-Golf

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Summer vibes are carefree, fun, and full of energy.  Volkswagen’s e-Golf brings these summertime trends to you as Volkswagen’s newest all-electric vehicle. The e-Golf looks just like its partner, the Golf and offers all the space, amenities, and zest for driving with it.  In fact, the e-Golf brings to life the light-hearted, freeing and fun feeling that is often associated with Volkswagen in an easy-to-drive Electric vehicle. 

The Easy Choice for an Electric Vehicle 

The e-Golf is a fully electric version of Volkswagen’s most popular car, the Golf.  The traditional engine has been replaced by a 36kWh electric battery and a single axle electric motor that can travel an official, and impressive, 186-mile range.  And what some drivers refer to as the e-Golf’s greatest feature, while others refer to it as its greatest fault, the e-Golf looks exactly like the Golf. Unlike competitors with styling that takes on unique curves and features with electric models of cars, Volkswagen celebrated the preferred, and highly desired model of the Golf and just transitioned it to an all-electric motor. 

Comfortable Driving Options in the e-Golf

The interior design of the e-Golf has been designed to make the driving experience simple and familiar. Although keyless entry is an option on some models, the e-Golf opens with a traditional key.  Other e-Golf to Golf similarities are reflected in the standard 5-seats of the Golf, the excellent trunk storage capacity, and an easy-to-read dashboard. Even more so like a traditional Golf, there are traditional automatic gear-shifters. Other competitors manufacturing electric vehicles operate with a quick push of a Start button. Volkswagen, again, took the strategy to preserve the beloved features of the Golf.  This allows even the most tentative electric car drivers to be comfortable and confident behind the wheel of the car. 

The Difference in the Driver’s Seat

Differences between the e-Golf and the traditional Golf may not be apparent until you get behind the wheel of the car and cruise down the road.  As you might expect from an electric vehicle, the e-Golf starts and begins to drive in silence.  In fact, you will find your entire drive in the e-Golf to be extremely quiet. Making the ride even more relaxing and enjoyable is the fact that the e-Golf boasts incredible power and performance, even at low speeds.  The Volkswagen e-Golf also has notable differences when it comes to braking.  In fact, braking means you actually have options as to how you want to break, from hitting a traditional brake-like pedal, to pulling the shifting lever back or lifting your foot off the accelerator and allowing the car to come to a rolling stop. 

Schedule Your Test Drive Today 

Overall, there is little doubt that the e-Golf is a great car to drive.  It is easy to drive, powerful, and fun.  However, there is no better way to experience the zest of Volkswagen without a test drive. Stop by our showroom, located at 720 Francisco Boulevard in West San Rafael or call our Sales Department at 415-578-9171 to schedule your test drive today.  

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