Get Your VW in Spring Driving Shape with Service from Sonnen Volkswagen

When it comes to a Volkswagen, nothing feels better than driving with confidence. Your Volkswagen automobile needs to have proper maintenance to help you drive with confidence every time you get behind the wheel. One major part of proper vehicle maintenance is ensuring your automobile gets the service it needs when it needs it. Here at Sonnen Volkswagen, we want nothing more than to see you enjoy your Volkswagen year-round, so see our tips for spring-time maintenance below so you can drive confidently. When you're done learning about spring maintenance, bring your Volkswagen into our certified service center to get it ready for the spring.

Spring Maintenance Tips

  • Check alignment and suspension, cold weather is known to beat up your vehicle's alignment.
  • Change engine oil and check fluids, this ensures that your vehicle isn't running low on any critical fluids.
  • Rotate tires and check air pressure, tires are important all throughout the year but are even more critical during the rainy spring months.
  • Inspect brakes, your brakes are your first line of defense against an accident. Having properly working brakes is critical during the spring months.
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