Regular Oil Changes Keep Your Engine Healthy

Don't Put Scheduled Maintenance on the Back Burner When You Can Tick It Off the List at Sonnen Volkswagen

Check out the heavily modified but incredibly cool, old Volkswagen in the tweet below—looks nice, doesn't it? While Volkswagen models are known for longevity, you won't make it as far as the owner below without regular service and maintenance. Yeah, yeah, we all know, oil changes are important—but just because you've heard it a thousand times, doesn't mean it's any less important!



What Makes Regular Oil Changes So Crucial to the Health of Your VW Vehicle?

Your engine is a huge symphony of moving parts, and all that movement needs to happen precisely, so the lubrication of oil is crucial! Oil doesn't just protect the moving parts, it also helps dissipate excess heat from the engine, helping to prevent overheating. When you put off oil changes, that allows the oil in your engine to get viscous and goopy, so it won't lubricate or dissipate as well as it should. You can even check your oil levels if you're feeling handy, but if that's not on your agenda, put it on ours! Schedule an appointment online and let our team handle the oil changes and any other regular maintenance you need!

Don't put maintenance on the back burner—take care of it now and check it off the list by scheduling an appointment with our professional service center. We'll make sure you're up to date with all the regular services you need, so you can hit the road in a safe, healthy, well-maintained Volkswagen vehicle.

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